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Chamberlain Street

Project Overview

The Chamberlain Street Parking Lot Improvements Project consisted of the reconstruction of an existing parking lot along Chamberlain Street in Augusta, Maine. We removed existing pavement and gravel and installed and compacted new gravel and pavement. We installed underdrain/storm drain/catch basins, landscaping, curbing, electrical lighting, striping, security cameras, and security boxes.

At a Glance

Owner: State of Maine

Bureau of General Services

Location: Augusta, Maine

Project Value: $498,207.00

Engineer: SJR Engineering Inc.


Project Data

Common Excavation: 1,500 cubic yards

24” underdrain: 650 linear feet

Type D Gravel: 1,650 cubic yards

Type A Gravel: 250 cubic yards

Hot Mix Asphalt: 550 ton

Harpswell Recycling Center Improvements

Project Overview

The Town of Harpswell Recycling Center Improvements involved expanding the existing parking lot and improving the Recycling Center’s drainage within the parking area. We also needed to coordinate the replacement of two compactor units, and reconstruction of the concrete slabs in which the units are housed.

At a Glance

Owner: Town of Harpswell

Location: Harpswell, Maine

Project Value: $183,657.50

Engineer: Gorrill Palmer


Project Data

Remove Pavement: 720 square yards

Common Excavation: 1,150 cubic yards

Structural Rock Excavation: 300 cubic yards

Type A gravel: 200 cubic yards

Type D Gravel: 500 cubic yards

Hot Mix Asphalt: 210 ton

Crest Avenue Force Mains Replacement

Project Overview

The Crest Ave. project included replacement of 7-2” polyethylene force mains which pump wastewater from 7 individual homes along Crest Ave. to the municipal sewer system. We provided traffic control, installation of pipe, aggregates and pavement.

At a Glance

Owner: Town of Lisbon, Maine

Location: Lisbon, Maine

Project Value: $89,521.00

Engineer: Olver Associates inc.


Project Data

2” Force sewer main: 1,880 linear feet

Hot Mix Asphalt: 130 ton

Sewer Structure: 1

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